Q. I’ve heard a lot about the fiduciary rule. Does your firm follow the fiduciary standard?

A. Yes, variPhase Financial Partners, LLC is a fiduciary…and has been since the day we opened our doors as a Registered Investment Advisor. We believe the only right way to help people reach their financial goals is to focus solely on the interest of the client. We do not sell products that earn commissions or receive compensation from anyone but the client.

Q. Do I have to have a certain amount of money to become a client?

A. No. There is no account minimum.

Q. Do you serve clients who do not reside in the Baltimore area?

A. We have clients located across the country, Maine to Florida, Washington State to California and lots of places in between.

Q. What are your fees for managing my money?

A. You pay us based on assets under management at the end of each quarter. We use a tiered fee rate structure. As your assets under management by variPhase grow you may move into lower fee rate tier. Our fees are spelled out in the Advisory Contract between you and variPhase and are fully described in our advisory firm brochure.

Q. Do you have custody of my money?

A. No. variPhase does not have custody of your money. We typically recommend your assets be held by Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services. We are neither a custodian nor a broker.

Q. Do you provide planning only services?

A. Yes at an hourly rate or by retainer.

Q. What’s the first step to getting started with variPhase?

A. It’s important that we get to know you and understand your goals and investment temperament. We use a 5 step process.

  1. Meet you where you are in your financial life
  2. Listen to where you want to be
  3. Plan for how to get you there
  4. Implement your financial plan
  5. Review, revise and renew based on results, your experience and life events

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818 South Ellwood Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21224

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Fax: 443.992.7599

Email: info@variphase.com