Investment Philosophy

You and your personal financial planning goals are the focus of variPhase Financial Partners, LLC. Our clients come to us at different times and in different places in their financial lives. No two clients are the same. In partnership with you we apply our experience, analytical and technical skills to recognize, protect and pursue your interests.

variPhase brings a wide range of expertise and experience to being your personal financial advisor. As a fee-based independent Registered Investment Advisor we are committed to a fiduciary standard. That means that your interests and goals are the only standard applied when variPhase designs your personal financial plan.

At variPhase we recognize the distinction between the techniques and technology of managing money and the reality of being your personal financial advisor. The variPhase philosophy is applied to your personal goals and needs through a five-step process.

  1. Meet you where you are in your financial life
  2. Listen to where you want to be
  3. Plan for how to get you there
  4. Implement your financial plan
  5. Review, revise and renew based on results, your experience and life events

variPhase Financial Partners, LLC was established as a Registered Investment Advisor in 2001. Our goal is to align ourselves with our clients' interests. Located in Baltimore we serve clients in all regions of the United States. We are completely independent; we are not affiliated with nor compensated by any Broker Dealer, Investment Bank, Mutual Fund Company or bank – we work for you.

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