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5 tips for Mid- Year Financial Checkup

As summer comes to a close and before the frenzy of the holidays begins, it is a perfect time to take a look at your financial progress this year.  Are you on track to meet your goals?  Have you taken care of the details regarding investments, savings and insurance you...
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4 Money Tips for the New Year

  4 Money Tips for the New Year January is the time to look forward to how you’ll make your life more financially secure in the New Year.  Whether you are working or retired, these four tips will help you get off to a financially smart year:   Healthcare Costs–...
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Few Understand Social Security Benefits

  Confused about the pros and cons of taking Social Security benefits at different ages?  You are not alone.  A new study from the General Accounting Office (GAO) found few people understand how much their benefit will be or the financial impact of taking benefits before full retirement age. And the...
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Are You Ready to Help Your Parents in Retirement?

Are You Ready to Help Your Parents in Retirement?
  There is a wide gap between the expectations of parents and their adult children about the help they will provide as their parents get older. In fact, when it comes to money and healthcare in retirement, parents and their adult children just aren’t on the same page, according to the...
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