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Know Your Healthcare Costs in 2018

With the start of a new year comes a restart in health insurance deductibles and co-pays whether you have Medicare, employer health insurance or purchase your own coverage.  As part of your financial plan and budget, the beginning of the year is a good time to review your health care plan...
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Don’t Miss Health Insurance Deadlines

Missing a deadline to change your health insurance plan can be costly.  So if you buy your own Medicare insurance plan or under-65 health insurance plan through the healthcare marketplace, make sure you act before the open enrollment period ends.  Missing a deadline might mean missing out on better coverage or...
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5 tips for Mid- Year Financial Checkup

As summer comes to a close and before the frenzy of the holidays begins, it is a perfect time to take a look at your financial progress this year.  Are you on track to meet your goals?  Have you taken care of the details regarding investments, savings and insurance you...
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3 Tips on Health Care Costs in Retirement

  One retirement cost that people tend to underestimate is the cost of health care.  The costs are usually higher than expected; they are unpredictable; and, ironically – the longer you live the more your total spending on health care will be.  Failing to adequately include health care costs in your...
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4 Money Tips for the New Year

  4 Money Tips for the New Year January is the time to look forward to how you’ll make your life more financially secure in the New Year.  Whether you are working or retired, these four tips will help you get off to a financially smart year:   Healthcare Costs–...
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